"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows"

    Sydney J. Harris
secretarys message sambaviga school

I render my thanks to my father mother and god without them I am nothing. My life story is as same as the sons of most of the poorest farmer’s life story of my decade of younger age. I never ate even proper food in my childhood days as my parents went to god at my younger age itself thus my opportunity to continue my schooling went in vein, my passion towards school had been distanced. Without any options I had to go for work in my younger age itself .I had never been to college in my lifetimethe biggest passion of mine !. Every change has a reason and every reason will have a change. yes my childhood desire got fulfilled when my goal is set to be a part of a student’s future education. In order to achieve such goal, first I have to be prepared professionally, and so I did my Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy in correspondence. Which gave me confidence to move myself to one more step. Its not just a step from a common man but a giant leap towards my society people. The aim of providing the quality education startedright here.

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